Thursday, April 11, 2013

Student Life

Hi, my name is Jazmin Lopez and I am a student here at Academy of the Inland Empire. I've been here for a year now and the experience has been great. Though I haven't been here for long I've noticed such change in my Academics. I've been able to work with a few teachers here and its been a pleasure, Their purpose and motive is to teach and help their students graduate. Mr. Corona is my teacher and he has really helped me improve and advised me on a good path. When I got here I was a Junior with 50 credits. WIth a lot of effort and Mr. Corona's help I am now a Senior with senior credits. I've caught up and am now where I'm supposed to be. Before then I thought "F's" we're for "Fantastic" . Attending this school has been a great experience. Now that I've proved to myself that I can get the work done and that its all just a matter of effort, I plan to take advantage of the experience and benefit from it by graduating and moving on to college..

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi! My name is Luis Corona, and I am an Independent Studies teacher here at the Academy of the Inland Empire. It is a privilege to be able to contribute the school website’s inaugural blog post. We all know how diligently our web designer  has been working on making the website better and easier to use for students and parents, and this blog is a great way for students and their families to stay connected to our school. 
We are currently a little more than half-way through the school year, and things are getting busier and busier for both students and teachers. Some of the events happening this month are: 
-All sophomores will be taking the CAHSEE for the very first time on March 12th and 13th
-The science teachers are taking a group of students on a field trip to the nearby mountains where they will be doing experiments, taking hikes, and studying the stars. 
- The school is taking a field trip to Long Beach on March 13, where they will attend a conference titled “A World We Can Change.” While there, students will listen to speakers and visit exhibits where they will learn about ways to take care of our planet. 
This is the school’s third year of operation, and we seem to be growing at a fantastic rate. I can only attribute this to the great work of our many exciting and interesting teachers. Did you know Mr. Fox grew up in Japan? Or that Ms. Despard has travelled all over the world? Did you know Ms. Riggs has run a triathlon? Or that Mr. Jaramillo designed the school’s website? If you didn’t know these and many more interesting things about our staff, just ask them. They’d be more than happy to sit and talk. 
I can’t wait to read the posts that follow this one as teachers, staff, and students contribute to cataloguing the events and happenings here at AIE.